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Thread: Home folder gone?

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    Home folder gone?

    I had Ubuntu installed on my Asus EEE netbook and set up an administrator account for myself. I'm no longer using the machine, so I set up an administrative profile for a new user and went on to delete my own account, which completely screwed things up. I suspect I unwittingly deleted the home folder -- when the computer restarted after that (and every time since), I see a series of error messages about files it can't find, and then it boots into the go-home applet, from which I can do nothing.

    From what little research I've tried to do since then, I gather I need to reinstall Linux, but the process is extra complicated because the netbook has no disc drive, so I need to transfer the files to a flash drive from my computer and then install them on the netbook somehow. I'm not overly experienced with Linux (as is probably obvious from this post), but if someone could walk me through the recovery process I hope I can solve the issue!

    Thanks for your help -- any assistance will be helpful.

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    Re: Home folder gone?

    Create a liveUSB of a distro of choice and use that to install; it works the same way as install using a liveCD. Not familiar with your Asus netbook, but a little more lightweight distro might be a good choice; if you can post the specs, you can get better advice on the options.

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