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Thread: chromium crashes pc.

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    Cool chromium crashes pc.

    about 3 months ago i got a new (to me) pc-pentium D 2.8GHz, 2GB ram to replace my old pentium III 500MHz, 384MB ram. on the new pc (this didn't happen on the old one), if i use chromium or the google earth download my computer ,at random, powers down completely (does not go through shut down,just goes off like a power cut). then about 2 seconds later it comes back on by itself and boots up. my first thought was overheating, but i have been using a monitor to check that and this is not the case,so i haven't a clue what it is.has anyone else had similar only happens when using chromium or google earth. would be interested to hear your thoughts. thanks, paul.

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    Re: chromium crashes pc.

    So it has 2GB RAM?

    I would run memtest86 (it's in the boot menu) for a few hours and see what it says.


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