I wasn't sure if this should be reported as a "bug" so thought I would post it here for others to find.

I had just re-installed 12.04LTS from a download, was setting everything up and ran into a brick wall with Thunderbird. I tried every option available, regarding POP/SMTP,Email ADDRESS, USER, spent a couple of hours in the Chat Help room at Dot5Hosting, where I have my website, and could not get it to work properly. It finally got to the point that they asked me to just spend the time taking screenshots of all of the error messages I received, the pages showing how the info was entered, and all of the settings, send it to them and they would get back to me when they had it all figured out. With that I shut down and took a break.

When I went back on line and looked in to Thunderbird I found the problem.

The 12.04LTS Software Center comes with Thunderbird 10 and Mozilla 10, and both versions are no longer the "choice" to make. Everything was in reference to Thunderbird 17.

By going in to the Software Center, installing the Synaptic Package Manager, going in there and entering "thunderbird" I found Thunderbird 17. Installed that and had the whole email system operational in about 3 minutes.

Hope this helps anybody else having the same problems I had.