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Thread: installing bf3 on ubuntu 12.04 need help

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    installing bf3 on ubuntu 12.04 need help

    i installed origin and can get the disk install to run ... but when it tells me to insert disk 2 and i pull disk 1 out the dvd wont mount...

    So i tried to compile them to iso files .. but the same resault.. almost

    in Acetoneiso disk 1 only runs up to 22 % before asking for disk 2

    in furius Iso mount disk 1 runs all 58 % but the i cant mount disk 2

    So now i want to try to combine the 2 iso files.

    Do anybody know a program?

    I have written the proceture down to.. have far ive come. under here

    ************************************************** ************************************

    *Download latest wine
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install wine1.5

    *Download Origin WINDOWS ver.

    *Enter wineconfig
    *exit wineconfig (OK)

    *Enter winetricks
    Select the default wineprefix
    install a windows dll
    exit winetricks (Cancel)

    *install origin
    Run originthinsetup.exe (Rightclick - open with wine)
    unclick (run on startup)(Share hardware)
    Move the - accept licence - window to the side and click NO. to restart
    Accept the licence
    Enter your origin id and password
    Press (TOP BAR MENU --> origin -->Close)

    Enter wineconfig
    change to windows 7
    enter libraies
    change wininit to builtin

    *Copy Battlefield disks to iso files and place on desktop in 2 folders
    Enter disk 1 BattleField 3
    enter filesystem click dvd battlefield 3 click arrow on top bar to go one libraie back
    right click bf3 disk
    copy disk
    choose iso file nr 2 line (Drive)
    make isofile
    do the same for disk 2

    File is normaly saved in home folder

    make 2 folders on the desktop name bf3-1 - bf3-2
    Move the iso file from disk 1. to bf3-1
    iso file disk 2 to bf3-2
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    Re: installing bf3 on ubuntu 12.04 need help

    maybe you should do an other choice


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