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Thread: 'Minimal' ubuntu install.

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    'Minimal' ubuntu install.


    I'm just wondering if there's something like a minimal ubuntu option, where it comes with all the drivers that are in the regular iso but only comes with the cli. I want it so that I can install ONLY what I want.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: 'Minimal' ubuntu install.

    You actually have 2 options, depending on where you want to take this: or

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    Re: 'Minimal' ubuntu install.

    You have a few different options. You can use the Mini CD, this is a very small (30MB) .iso that contains only the files needed to start the installer, you have to have an internet connection as all of the required packages are downloaded during installation. One of the advantages to this method is that your system will be fully up to date from the moment it's installed.

    If you are installing 12.04 or earlier you can also use the Alternate CD to do your installation (the Alternate CDs have been dropped since 12.10), just hit F4 and select the 'Install a command line system' option after the initial language select screen.

    You can also choose to use the Server CD (this is your only option if you want to do a CLI installation of 12.10 on an offline system), again just hit F4 and use the 'Install a minimal system' option.

    If you're interested I did some testing with 12.04 a few months ago to research the RAM and HD footprint of each of these installation methods as well as the number of packages installed, for my results see this post:

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