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Thread: 2013 Linux Foundation Linux Training Scholarship Program

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    2013 Linux Foundation Linux Training Scholarship Program

    The 2013 Linux Jobs Report shows demand for Linux pros exceeding other areas of technology for the second year in a row. Ninety-three percent of employers said they will hire Linux pros in the next six months, while 90 percent said finding Linux talent is difficult. When they do find it, they pay higher salaries and offer better perks to the Linux pros.The Linux Foundation helps meet this demand by providing professional Linux training opportunities that prepare Linux pros for these positions. But we understand not everyone can afford to take advantage of these opportunities, so the Linux Training Scholarship Program provides funds to developers and IT professionals who show incredible promise for building Linux careers and helping to shape the future of the operating system but do not otherwise have the ability to attend Linux Foundation training courses.
    The Linux Foundation’s Linux Training Scholarship Program in 2013 will award five scholarships to individuals who demonstrate the greatest need and who have already demonstrated an interest in Linux and open source software. We seek to find individuals who want to contribute to the advancement of the Linux operating system and help influence its future.

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