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Thread: Record Video Input

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    Record Video Input

    I'm trying to convert some old home movies. I have an old bt848 video capture card that works out of the box with TVtime. However, TVtime doesn't have a record feature.

    I understand that VLC should be able to do this but I'm confused by the settings.

    Is there any easy way to do this?

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    Re: Record Video Input

    It's weird how projects get put off...

    Got it working today! I don't know why this works.

    Open VLC > Open Media > Open Capture Device, default settings for Video for Linux 2 > Push Play

    Turn on Advanced Controls via View menu (for the Record button).

    Then open TV Time and the picture shows up in VLC. IDK. I can close TV Time and it all still works.

    Que up video. Push Record on VLC. Push Play on camera.

    Video is saved to ~/Video directory with an awesome name.


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