Hi all I have been thinking a lot about disaster recover (my friends house just burned down) and I have some questions.

The setup I am thinking about is this, I have an external HD that I use deja dup to backup my entire home folder. This is easy to use and should work great in the event that my computer dies and I need to recover my entire home folder. But not if I actually lose my external HD, ie fire.

So I want to add offsite backup of the very important stuff, documents, picture, music, etc. Not everything to mostly save on upload time and storage cost.

Can I use Deja Dup to set up two separate backup schema? One complete and local and one essential/limited and offiste. If not would I have to set up a manual cron job using duplicity for this?

And If I actually have to use the disaster recovery setup how would I do that from the the limited set, if deja dup does not know about it?

Thanks for any and all help / info