Im running three systems on my home network , this Ubuntu pc , a ps3 , and a win 7 laptop.Up until the other day I was running windows 7 on my comp, and using vuze.

I could have simultaneous downloads on, whilst streaming netflix on my ps3 , and surfing on the laptop , with no issues whatsoever !
Now when I put on 1 or 2 downloads it grinds my network to a halt ?

What is it that Ubunto is doing differently to windows 7 ?

I know its not my network.....? Any advice please ?

I used the default ubuntu software 1st ( transmission) and thought maybe this was the problem , so installed Vuze , but it hasnt made a difference.......

quick note , I thought I made this post last night , but was so tired , maybe it didnt fully post an I didnt notice!

If its the case that it was moved or deleted for some reason , I apologise now !

Thanks in advance to all ! Have to say this is the quickest bestest forum I have ever used ! Some really passionate people here ,Im now a true convert of Ubunto/linux/gnu or gnu/linux ! And its founding philosphy ! opensource forever !!!