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Thread: [Solved] Sales question: Higher-end Haswell in Gazelle?

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    [Solved] Sales question: Higher-end Haswell in Gazelle?

    Are there plans to provide the option to have a higher end Haswell in the new Gazelle Professional?

    Something like the i7-4750HQ, which strangely is only available in the ultrabook (Galago UltraPro), would make the Gazelle a much more viable option for those of us interested in a desktop replacement. The graphics in particular (HD 4600) are just a bit too underpowered to really sell me on the Gazelle.
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    Re: Sales question: Higher-end Haswell in Gazelle?

    The 4750HQ is only available in a socket that the Gazelle doesn't support. We're using the fastest processor available with the socket that it does use.

    Also, the Galago isn't intended to really compete with UltraBooks, as it's much more powerful than other Ultrabooks around its size. It's more meant to be the most powerful computer you can buy short of a Bonobo, and it just so happens to be very thin.
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