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Thread: Windows Update on Ubuntu

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    Windows Update on Ubuntu


    I am wondering how I can keep programs such as MS Office up to date? Windows does that automatically via the windows upate feature, as you surely know.



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    Re: Windows Update on Ubuntu

    Libreoffice is the free version of MS office, so try it.
    virtualbox can run windoz OS on ubuntu

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    Re: Windows Update on Ubuntu

    I dont use wine, but the reason apps update themselves in Windows is because Windows update is running as a service, when you run apps in Wine you arent running windows, merely emulating windows for the purposes of the app, so i highly doubt apps get updated.

    A long time ago MS implemented Windows Genuine Advantage which prevents non windows users from using Windows update as it detects if you are running a genuine windows platform or not.

    I read an article ages ago about MS targeting wine users with this, I will post the link back if i can find it.

    That being said i suspect windows update online may work at from within wine in IE


    Edit: here is article
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