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Thread: Steam (non beta) text + crashes

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    Steam (non beta) text + crashes

    Hello everyone.
    I am completely new to the forums, and i have been using Ubuntu since 10.10, however I skipped 11.04 as it wasn't my cup of tea. Long story short, please idiot-proof any responses you wish to post.

    To the point..
    1. Steam has been installed via the Valve website, however when i launch the client i get the grey steam update box with no text inside. I hear this is not uncommon? Sometimes when i start the client i will actually see all the text in the update box perfectly fine, and less than a second later it is gone. I cannot figure this one out.

    2. Counter strike source was successfully installed with a "hit and miss" technique on the steam client. The game played very well for about 2 weeks, which made me reluctant to update anything. 2 days ago i updated various things using the update centre. I recall Directx11 being mentioned, so something to do with graphics has been updated. And now i cannot play Source for more than 3-10 minutes without it randomly and aggravatingly closing down. I then relaunch the game and this goes on and on.

    Can anybody suggest the right place to look or action(s) to take?

    PS: sorry if this is not in the appropriate place, or if it has been discussed previously in these forums.


    OS:Ubuntu 12.04lst 32bit
    graphics: Zotac nvidia geforce 9500GT 1gb
    ram: ddr3 2x2gb 1666mhz corsair
    cpu: intel i3 520 3.2ghz(clocked to 3.5ghz)
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    Re: Steam (non beta) text + crashes


    I have been working on this for the past few days, and I have figured out the source of the Text issues. After going through PlayonLinux and configuring wine settings, I installed Steam and source and so far the grey boxes seem to be displaying perfectly. I pin the issues related to text on a deficiency in the current version of wine, 1.5.11.

    As for the Crashing error in Source, I will keep you posted.


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