Hey all,

This is a new problem I've come across in Ubuntu 12.10, which I'm running on a System 76 Pangolin Performance (p9) laptop. I'm using audacious 3.2.3. When I click on a streaming link at http://wtju.net/vault audacious gives me the following message:

No decoder found for http://wtju.net:8000/92306f002ad401300776.ogg.
However, when I go to the Downloads folder and double click on the downloaded .pls file audacious starts streaming no problem. This happens in both Chrome and Firefox, both of which are supposed to open the .pls in audacious by default.

libogg0 is installed on my system, as well as all the standard third party and multimedia software (I checked both of those options when I reinstalled Ubuntu 12.10 as part of making a dual boot with Windows). The relevant .pls and .ogg options are checked on in audacious's preferences, so I'm a bit at a loss as to what's going on.

Any help appreciated, and thanks in advance.


P.S. This is not a problem at all in Ubuntu Studio 12.04, which I run on two other laptops.