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Thread: drive is gone after boot repair

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    drive is gone after boot repair

    1st off i have a 1 terabyte hard disk devided into sda(500GB) sdb(500GB) all is devided into 4 drives ( C & games on sda) & (media & sources on sdb)
    ofcourse i have windows installed on the C drive , installed ubuntu on the sdb hard disk and took 100 gb of tthe media drive to give to the ubuntu

    my problem is after i installed windows 8 of course i ruined the ubuntu boot so i put the dvd with ubuntu on it and started ubuntu and done the following

    - open a new terminal, then type:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:yannubuntu/boot-repair && sudo apt-get update- Press Enter.
    - Then type:
    sudo apt-get install -y boot-repair && boot-repair- Press Enter

    it opened up boot repair and the only thing i changed in the advanced settings was
    -OS to be booted default... and i chose it to be windows (via sdb5 menu)
    then i clicked apply

    and heres it what happened afterwards
    if i left the count down all the way it will open windows recovery not windows

    if i choose to boot winodws it goes in normally the problem is i cant find the media drive and i can see the system reserved drive which am not suppose to see on windows

    i went to boot ubuntu and it booted fine and went to disk utility and found the drive there..

    the strange thing i noticed is that there is no swap drive as it was before

    another thing .. if i open files on ubuntu i can see all the drives under devices except media i can see it under computer !!

    the problem in short is after i repaired the boot i cant see drives on the same hard disk where the ubuntu is installed

    any help would be very much appreciated

    the issue of the missing drive was fixed pretty easily , i went and opened Gparted and then right clicked on the media drive (the missing one) and the information and noticed in front of tags "hidden" so i went to flags and unchecked hidden and voila its back..

    the issue of the default booting , booting into windows recovery i went in advanced settings in boot repair and i choose to install the grub only on sda not sdb and checked the purge previous grubs followed the instructions and now my default boot is ubuntu

    the issue of the system reserved drive appearing in windows where it shouldn't was solved by going to manage the disk managment on the left side panel then right clicked the system reserved, select change drive letter and paths
    hilighted the letter and then clicked remove ... now its gone
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