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Thread: gwibber nothing synchronizes with facebook account

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    Question gwibber nothing synchronizes with facebook account

    Hello all. I have a problem with Gwibber. This program synchronize news only for Twitter. I more use facebook, so i want get information to gwibber for facebook too.. What i must do to get what i wish ? I have ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS
    Thanks for all replies and sorry for grammar !
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    Re: gwibber nothing synchronizes with facebook account

    It's nothing wrong with your system, it's a bug, that was reported here:

    Interestingly, if you go back in time, variations on this bug have existed since 2010.

    I know less than nothing about software development, but if I had to guess, I would bet that Facebook isn't the easiest development partner to get along with, particularly if you are coming from FOSS.

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    Re: gwibber nothing synchronizes with facebook account

    I have the same problem. Mine last sync'd 95 days ago. I can't get it to upday. I am begining to feel that Gwibber is a Junk applicaiton.
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