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Thread: Huawei E1552 cannot be detected

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    Huawei E1552 cannot be detected

    hello guys

    im a real noob to ubuntu and i really need help

    i recently installed lubuntu 12 on my pc..i wanna connect to the internet via globe broadband huawei modem E1552 but i dont know how so after some googling...ive known that before you can actually use the modem you have to do some "lsusb" .."usb mode switching"

    my problem is when i do the lsusb..
    my modem isnt on the list.
    but when i do with other usb devices
    it s there

    and whenever i boot up to ubuntu...just before the loading screen, messages began to appear saying "unable to enumerate usb on port ......" i even tried to switch to ubuntu 10.04..but it s still the same problem..

    i am now using ubuntu 12.04....but still no luck..
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