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Thread: Sound problem Thinkpad X41

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    Re: Sound problem Thinkpad X41

    Look through /usr/bin for similar commands to bring up sound-properties (which define the sound framework to use for inputs and outputs) and volume-control (to bring up the appropriate mixer).

    I'm running Jaunty on this laptop which runs Gnome2. You are running Gnome3 and Unity and I don't know what the equivalent commands are for that environment.
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    Re: Sound problem Thinkpad X41

    What is /usr/bin and how do i get there

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    Re: Sound problem Thinkpad X41

    I have just been through an install to 12.04, the secret apparently is to install 9.10 to gain the alda, and install updates from there until you are at 12.04.

    I found it on a forum: (

    He has all the workarounds to get your tablet buttons to do whatever you wish as well.

    Apparently the x41 has a bluetooth set inside as well, getting that to work is my current task!

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