I have Ubuntu 12.04 set up as a file server for a network that includes Mac and Windows 8 computers. I have settled on NTFS, which works fine with the Mac Lion (I can read and write files) and works sometimes on Windows (one out of 4 of them works, the others don't).

A couple of problems:

1. Everytime I format/partition a drive, it says "The partition is misaligned by xxx bytes [varies]. This may result in poor performance. Repartitioning is suggested." I repartition and the same happens.

2. Should I format as Master Boot Record, GUID, Don't Partition or Apple Partition Map?

3. Should I partition or leave the drive as "Free"

4. Windows can read one of the hard drives, but not others. As of now, I have not figured out what is different about the one that does work.

5. Any ideas on why Windows 8 can access some of the partitions but not others? Windows tells me I don't have permission but won't let change partitions.

Any suggestions?