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Thread: Firefox full-screen help!

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    Firefox full-screen help!


    Running 12.04 on a laptop plugged into a screen. I want to be able to use FF to watch full screen TV on the laptop while I work on the screen. However, if I open a web browser in the screen I'm not watching TV on, it drops fullscreen on the TV as soon as the browser loses focus - I want the full screen to stay on one side and to be able to use firefox on the other...anyone!?


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    Re: Firefox full-screen help!

    I also have a dual monitor set up and have experienced similar issues, the solution I've found is that for some reason windows like to stay on the screen they were on, but of you resize the window so that it fits entirely on the new screen, then hit the maximize button, it will fill the new screen.

    It's a bit of an inconvenience, but it works, hope that helps

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    Re: Firefox full-screen help!


    If you're watching videos using Adobe Flash, it is actually an issue with the flash plugin itself and is actually quite easy to fix.

    Just goto

    and scroll down the page till you see "
    Get Flash videos to remain full screen when working (clicking) in the other desktop"

    I did the 2nd method of editing the Adobe Plugin using a Hex editor and it worked great! (I didn't want to deal with another plugin for Firefox). It takes longer to setup but then you don't have to worry about clicking on the Maxamize Flash icon every time you want to watch a movie.
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