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Thread: burn vob > dvd

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    burn vob > dvd

    I downloaded a custom-made movie which is composed of .vob, .ifo and .bup files and I need to burn them in a workable video dvd.

    I know (correct me if wrong) that these files shouldn't be burnt as 'data disk'; the burn program must be told that the disk is going to be a video dvd, or else the dvd won't work properly.

    All I have is the native Gnome "CD/DVD Creator" but I see no such 'video' option and when I drag the files there, it seems that the files will be copied as in a data dvd. Will the dvd work that way? or parhaps "CD/DVD Creator" is inadequate?

    Since I felt stuck there, I tried my luck with Ubese. Ubese indeed had a video authoring option but when I import the files there, it rejects the .ifo and .bup files because they are not video files. I know that only .vob are video files, but a workable dvd with menus, chapters and all this, needs all the .ifo and .bup files provided with the download. So I guess Ubese is not made to burn a downloaded full dvd to a disk but actually convert plain video files in dvd format.

    Now, did I get something wrong? Can I actually create the dvd disk with these two options or do I need to install a more specialized program? Thanks
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    Re: burn vob > dvd

    Even thought I run Gnome, I use k3b -> File -> New Project -> New Video DVD Project and just drag all those files from the top window to VIDEO_TS directory in the bottom window. Then click Project -> Burn.
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    Re: burn vob > dvd

    Thank you taurus! It has been a long frustrating road to finally getting and answer to this problem. You have made me very happy

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    Re: burn vob > dvd

    From the Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.
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