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Thread: How to use Xbox 360 controller (wired) as a mouse?

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    Talking How to use Xbox 360 controller (wired) as a mouse?

    I am borrowing an Xbox 360 Afterglow controller from a friend (just for fun, no real reason,) and I got it working with Mari0, but I'd like to see if I can get it working as a mouse/pointer device.

    Please don't tell me to "Just google ___," or "try searching these forums for ____."
    I would like instructions and a link. (I normally don't care much, but there are like 3 threads asking for help with this, and all of them have useless answers.)

    I'm not referring to using one for gaming; just as a mouse. (e.g., browsing the internet. I probably wouldn't do that, but that's just to give you an example.)

    P.S., I wasn't quite sure which section to put this in, so I just chose "General." I would appreciate it if a moderator would please move this to the appropriate sub-forum, if necessary. (If this is the correct sub-forum, then please tell me.)
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