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Thread: How cab I detect my Graphic Card works proper ?

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    How cab I detect my Graphic Card works proper ?

    It's 2 year I've started using ubuntu. In ubutnu 10.04 until ubuntu 11.10 anything was Ok with my Graphic card, But when I migrate to ubuntu 12.04 I had a corruption in my graphic card and I paid expert to repair it. It was Ok with ubuntu 12.04 in continuous but when I upgraded to ubuntu 12.10 I'm never able to install my nvidia. My graphic card is Geforce 8400, and the driver I install is Nvidia 173. I decided to back ubuntu 12.04 and this time I have same trouble there too. So what's your advice ? How can I use my Graphic Card properly ?

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    Re: How cab I detect my Graphic Card works proper ?

    Just search for word drivers in the unity shell.
    This will give u option called additional drivers.

    This will check if u need extra graphics driver or not.
    If needed, u can click activate it to use it.

    Other option is:
    Go to synaptic or software center. Search for NVidia.
    If you r sure that u have NVidia card, then u can install it and it will load from next reboot automatically.

    Thank you.

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