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Thread: Printer problem

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    Printer problem

    Using a Canon MG5250 printer, with a driver downloaded as recommended.
    The colours are printed very dark. To make sure of pure colours I tried printing highlighted text in LibreOfffice but they are so dark that only a hint of colour can be seen.

    Can anybody suggest a solution?

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    Re: Printer problem

    I have not tried this as I do not have a printer. Go to System Settings>Colour and see if you can calibrate your printer using that utility. I am assuming that you are using Ubuntu 12.04 or 12.10.

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    Re: Printer problem

    I have followed the 'Help' troubleshooting routine and have printed a test page. All 'pure' colours are mixed with black. I don't think calibration is appropriate for solving this strange problem.

    I have a long report 'troubleshoot.txt'. Please can anyone help with this?
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