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Thread: CinePaint 1.3 in Ubuntu 10.04

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    CinePaint 1.3 in Ubuntu 10.04

    I managed to get CinePaint installed on my computer, but there are problems that I need help with. It won't open any existing image files. If I go to file/preferences/folders, most of the lines are blank (see screenshot). I don't know where those folders are located. I tried doing a search and it looks like nearly all the cinepaint folders are still in my Downloads folder. The installation apparently left them all there. It seems to me that they should be somewhere else, but I don't know where. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? I'm afraid if I mess with it to much I'll just make matters worse.
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    Re: CinePaint 1.3 in Ubuntu 10.04

    How did you install it?
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    Re: CinePaint 1.3 in Ubuntu 10.04

    Quote Originally Posted by ajgreeny View Post
    How did you install it?
    The .tgz has a file called INSTALL that has these instructions:

    2012/03/31 VERSION 1.1

    Build and Install from source tarball

    tar xvfz cinepaint.1.3.tgz
    cd cinepaint
    sudo make install

    I just noticed in that same file, further down:


    CinePaint by default installs its libraries in /usr/local/lib. If CinePaint
    fails on launch because it can't find its libraries, you must specify
    where to look using LD_LIBRARY_PATH or ldconfig. With ldconfig, create a
    file named /etc/ that contains the lib path
    /usr/local/lib then sudo ldconfig -v. Alternately, you may set it with
    the evironment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH that may be written in your
    profile file.

    I can't quite figure out what to do with that.

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