In the December 2012 meeting for the Ohio LoCo held on December 13th, a progress report was given. The election for the third seat on the triumvirate has been deemed deferred to January due to holiday time pressures. A call was made to further evangelize across the state. It was also noted that a [November 2012 report][1] was made and members are encouraged to update the team's [in-progress December 2012 report][2] as the month goes by.

Work items assigned:

- Cheri Francis: To contact the LoCo Council and reach out for assistance with the large-area/far-flung numbers issue
- Michael Gilbert: Prepare to conduct election in January
- Stephen Michael Kellat: Work with Cheri Francis to plan at least one **topical** IRC meeting for the LoCo on an educational topic to be determined and announced

The full meeting log is available at [the Ohio Team's wiki corner][3].

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