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Thread: Ati 9550 shows up as laptop in displays after update to 12.04

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    Re: Ati 9550 shows up as laptop in displays after update to 12.04

    Quote Originally Posted by D_E_H0987 View Post
    I think you should stay with the open source driver and read up on things to get your system configed right and get your system working well before even thinking of the ATI/AMD drivers. I'm pretty cranky about systems that are click wait, click wait, that just bugs the hell out of me and I would not ever say a machine that was running that way was working fine. I know people who can use a machine like that, but I would be pulling my hair out or tossing the machine out the window if I had to use a box that way.
    to keep opensource drivers to latest version you can use xorg edgers PPA.

    and then there is using swap partition, Ubuntu's install doesn't create one by default.
    It created one for me: ram x 2

    ... It ends up that "some people have good luck with the native driver and others need to get the right ATI/AMD driver for their system to work well". From what I read It seems to be differences in the model of video card, differences in memory on the card, and other system options, from chip sets, to other cards, to on board devices, to system ram, etc. that determines which driver will work best for you.
    yes, it works well on supported cards. you card's support (as well as mine) got dropped by ATI.

    The 12.04 seems to use the same install program as 11.04, 11.10, I really think it needs to be fixed. The Ubuntu installers partition app defaults to setting up a 1 gig partition and no swap and leaves most of the drive unpartitioned. [etc]
    i never had the installer issues you are talking about. are you sure you have a good image download (md5sum checks out)?

    i did have once ATI 9600 XT recognised as ATI mobility radeon. however one of the updates seems to have fixed that. if oyu hav/see an issue bug report it on launchpad. it cant'/wont' get solved unless someone that is "crushing bugs" doesn't know about it.
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