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Thread: Installing Ubuntu on dedicated partition

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    Re: Installing Ubuntu on dedicated partition

    If you have UEFI, I do not think XP will work.

    Windows (Vista 64, Windows 7 & Windows 8) only boots from gpt partitions with UEFI.
    And XP does not support gpt partitions.
    For more info on UEFI boot install & repair - Regularly Updated :
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    Re: Installing Ubuntu on dedicated partition

    I managed to fix it after a little bit of thinking and a lot of messing about. Here's how.

    After doing a little bit of reading online about Ubuntu installation and partitioning, I realised that I didn't load the boot loader in the drive at the top level but within the partition where I was installing Ubuntu, due to ignorance. Because the computer was booting straight to Windows and there was no GRUB, that confirmed to me that it was not accessing the GRUB.

    Since Ubuntu itself was installed without problem, I wanted to reinstall GRUB only. Found a few complicated ways to do it from the LiveCD since that was my only option, so I decided to reinstall Ubuntu all over again, making sure I install the bootloader in the correct place.

    Surprise surprise, the PC booted straight to Windows again. Full of patience, I reinstalled Ubuntu again from scratch, deciding to format the partitions first. This did not work well with the rather basic partition manager that is made available during the install, so I aborted, ran Ubuntu from the liveCD then ran gParted to tidy up the partions and then reinstalled Ubuntu for the second time.

    Upon reboot, no GRUB, goes straight to Windows. So I decided i had to manually install it from the liveCD. I restarted the PC from the CD and ran Ubuntu from it. Went online to find out how to exactly install GRUB. In the process, came across Boot Repair, got it installed and running in a few lines from the Terminal and it fixed everything. PC rebooted fine with GRUB after that.

    Here are the results if you're interested:

    I don't know why there are 5 partitons or sda in this report. sda1 runs Windows, sda2 should have Ubuntu, sda3 is for data and sda4 is for linux swap. In this report, sda2 is a mysterious unknown partition.

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    Re: Installing Ubuntu on dedicated partition

    sda5 is your swap partition and it's logical. In linux the logical partitions get number 5 or higher, regardless how many primary partitions exist.
    sda2 is the extended partition holding the logical partitions (in this case only sda5), so that is fine.
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