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Thread: Confused about terminology - what do I need?

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    Confused about terminology - what do I need?

    I'm not actually sure what to call what I want to do. Is it cloud computing? Or is it OpenStack or what?

    I have two VMware clusters of three physical servers each. I am tired of paying annual maintenance fees so I am looking at open source alternatives. I have used Ubuntu servers for 4 or 5 years so I am familiar with them.

    From what I can see if I use Xen or XCP I have to run Cento as the base OS, but I can run Ubuntu as the guest. Is that correct?

    If I want to replace my VMware clusters can it be done with Ubuntu and KVM? Or do I need additional software?

    It appears that Ubuntu and KVM only supports GUI-less guests, that would seem to preclude a Windows server guest or can Windows Core run as a guest?


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    Re: Confused about terminology - what do I need?

    Have you tried ESXi? (From VMWare with no fees whatsoever)

    It's what I use for virtual machines, however I've never set it up with a cluster. As far as I know, you can manage load balancing and that's it.
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    Re: Confused about terminology - what do I need?

    Check out Proxmox

    Debian based, kvm and openvz. Supports clusters, great GUI and nearly everything you get with vSphere.


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