Hi guys,

With the hardware raid controller ive got at the moment to have all my disks show as separate I need to set the raid controller, to have 4 Virtual Disks all in raid 0

I'm going to be doing alot of copying to the server some of the files be rather quite large from different servers. USB 2 isnt going to be quick enough as each transfer is going to take around 24 hours to do which is why im wanting to be able to plug the drives directly into my box so i can get up to 2400mbits transfer

If i Plug a new drive into the IO backplate my os doesn't pick up the drive. Been speaking to a few friends about this and they say i can just set the drive to use raid 0 in the raid config and not initialize the disk I should be able to keep the data. Can anyone confirm if i set the disk as raid 0 and not initialize the disk there wont be any data loss?

Sorry if this is confusing

Many thanks