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Thread: Setting up development enviroment

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    Question Setting up development enviroment

    Hi all,

    I am working a new project in the university, unfortunately I must do the development under Windows, however at home I do develop under Ubuntu. My project is in computer vision and I want it to be available under both systems. I have an SVN repository accessible from home. I need to know what files I have to share on the repository to make the project working on both sides.

    On windows it will be a Visual Studio project while on Ubuntu it will be an Eclipse project!

    Any suggestions or ideas, I will be thankful.

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    Re: Setting up development enviroment

    Eclipse is available for Windows, but there should be no reason to switch OSes to use any programming language worth learning.

    If your university is requiring you to use Microsoft Visual Studio they don't understand the difference between a university and a trade school.

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    Re: Setting up development enviroment

    Nope, the thing is am working with a group of people and my work should be always available for others. And all the group do use Windows.

    I think I should keep only the source code files on the repository rather than the complete project. And compile the source code into different environments. This is what in my mind!
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