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    Control Panel


    I am running Ubuntu Server 12.04LTS
    Bare bones system, i have installed Webmin, and phpmyadmin onto the server and proftpd server.

    Im looking for a Control panel to install, i have been searching the net, i have used cpanel for years. but i have looked all over for a open source control panel that will install on ubuntu server 12.04 and i have looked through and read lots of reviews and issues and i cant seem to find one that will work with out a huge amount of issues that are not resolved.

    I really own use the server for file sharing and hosting games. but ive been so used to using cpanel and ease of using it to install and make things work. for some reason it seems logical for the same purpose here. im open for suggestions here if you all feel i should be looking in a diffrent direction this is my first time running my own personal webserver from home instead of a paid hosting svc.

    So at this time. i current have Ubuntu 12.04 Server with Webmin and Phpmyadmin installed, Lamp Server, ssh server, and mail server upon installation. i still dont know how to install or update the mail server becuase im using a inplace of my ip address. any help in suggestions of said programs i should use. or shouldnt

    i did try to install zpanel and its screwed up the whole server and had to reinstall everything.


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    Re: Control Panel

    What exactly are you missing in Webmin? I think Webmin is an excellent server management tool, so I'm curious as to what you're looking for.
    I'm thinking about it

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    Re: Control Panel

    im having a super hard time creating a database and making it work. im used to using the cpanel through mysql and you type the name and owner and done. not theres all stuff im not used too through just phpmyadmin srry for the noob questions


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