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Thread: Help.. Precise pangolin corrupt every HDD extrnal i plug

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    Angry Help.. Precise pangolin corrupt every HDD extrnal i plug

    Sory 4 my bad english and thanks for reading this

    i have a asus eepce laptop and have been using it with window 7 OS since 1 year ago, never had a problem with my external HD even if i unplug the usb out without ejecting it first,

    Couple days ago i try to switch to Ubuntu 12.04 with fresh install from usb stick, this is the first time i using ubuntu so i'm absolutely newbie. I format all the partition in my hd after i backup all my data in two different external hardisk and successfully install ubuntu.

    so i copying back couple of my data first, unplug my hd ex (yes, this time i safe eject it firs), to test the system and i really like it. The problem is when i plug my hd back couple of my backup file missing, i check my hd volume but there's no byte missing so my file must be there but i cant see it.
    I try to scavenging my data using testdisk with no results, when i search in google it says that my ntfs broken, so i tried to fix it with chkdsk in windows and the results is error e5(lot of character), back again to ubuntu to discover that not just couple my folders missing now, but the entire partition too.... :'(

    I assume the partition got deleted so i try using testdisk again with no avail (again), i try to clone the partition to my local hd and try to mount it forcefully with no success, it say that input-output error.

    Feeling desperate i try to give up and trying to retrieve my backup from my second HD, but guess what, my second HD got corrupted too...

    I really like using ubuntu, with this system i'm not just using an OS but to understand it too, i really like to learn, but this late event really stressed me out because those data is quite important for me.

    what should i do to prevent that to happen again and what to do to recover my data and partition ?? Help..

    Fyi :
    asus eeepc, intel atom, 2 gigs ram, 320 gigs hd, ati-radeon, 2 hd ex @320 gigs seagate & 80 gigs fujitsu, couple pack of cigarretes and a stressed poor fellow with black eye
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