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Thread: Computer won't boot anymore, /dev/shm and /boot won't mount

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    Computer won't boot anymore, /dev/shm and /boot won't mount

    My computer's no longer booting. I rebooted because of a kernel update after 12 days of uptime, and for seemingly no reason I now get this error:

    I usually get an error saying /dev/shm is already mounted, but it continues booting, but now nothing is booting! It just hangs as you see in the screenshot.

    I am not able to choose any options when it says:
    keys:Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery
    about /boot because it immediately shows the password prompt for my second disk.

    EDIT: If I rapidly press "S" after entering my first password but before my second one apparently skips mounting /boot and my computer is able to boot, but the boot partition (/dev/sdb1) has to be mounted manually if I want to access files in /boot. And when I boot up apparently my computer will try creating /boot (because it isn't mounted it thinks it doesn't exist) and puts the directory "grub" in there.

    Why isn't /boot mounting correctly at startup anymore?
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