I'm building a new setup right now that has Windows 8 and Ubuntu 12.10 dual booted, I just finished the dual boot and both operating systems are fully updated so I am just doing some finishing touches which for me is all about eye candy. I installed GRUB-Customizer and removed the other options to boot from so it's only Ubuntu 12.10 as the default OS and Windows 8 as the secondary option for photoshop or netflix. The problem is I want to use BURG as my selection screen rather then GRUB so I can choose between two icons and have it look nicer but unfortunatly I can't seem to get it installed, I keep getting these 3 errors right at the end of the installation and after searching all last night I've given up. I can not figure this out so I was hoping maybe someone here could make this easy for me.

I made a video of the exact process I go through to install BURG so you can watch step by step to see what I'm doing wrong.