I have been having a number of problems with my Toshiba Satellite pro l100 going slow on ubuntu 10.04 lts so upgraded (following advice from here) to xubuntu 12.04lts. It runs ok but the flash seems to use much cpu and cannot play iplayer or youtube on large screen without the picture being pixellated and 'choppy' and sound out of sync. I have been told on a previous thread that my prcessor, celeron m, is probably not up to the job and it is true that this is the most basic model of the range produced, but all worked fine on ubuntu 8.10, 9.04 and for a while on 10.04. I have done all I can with the common fixes (chrome instead of firefox for the flash etc ect), so have come to a dead end there

So I have decided it probably is not upto the job but might benefit from a bit of a clean inside, which is next, but also a bit of a look at the temperature the laptop was running at. So I have downloaded the xubuntu sensor plugin from this page


then there was a bit of a problem getting it to work
which was like this

but got it going....

right clicked my top panel, clicked panel, then add new items, then sensor pluging and added it.

I have the word 'sensors' at least. It does not look like the thing on the sensors install howto page...

So double clicking it brings up a menu box called sensors viewer and it tells me that sensor type 'acpitz-0' gives a temp1 of 61c and sensor type 'hard disks' 37c

Firstly, can anyone interpret these results for me... what am I looking at here... hard disk temperature of 37 c seems quite straight forward but is it ok. What does sensor type 'acpitz-0 mean and is 61c ok?

Secondly, why doesn't it look like the thing on the SensorInstallHowto page?
Have I got the right thing?