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Thread: macbook stuck on OS X INSTALLER

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    Unhappy macbook stuck on OS X INSTALLER

    First I should let you all know I'm new to the forum and I'm also really bad at tech stuff. I was up all night trying to fix my Macbook 4.1 after it all of a widen would not boot. I had the gray screen with the apple and a little circle. I tried turning the laptop on pressing the P R with the option and command buttons and nothing. Then tried safe mode I revived a warning saying sandbox and lots of code stuff just repeating over and over. Then pushed the C button on start up nothing. I then put disk one in the laptop (disk came with laptop) turned laptop back on holding C nothing so kept pressing it and ham got tl the Mac OX X INSTALLER window with the outerspace background. Now my left click will not work and only the right click on a mouse I the middle of the night. Is there anything I can try now?? I called a fix it place and just don't have the money. Willing to dump everything and start all over but can't get the button clicked to do it. Thank you.and sorry this is so long was boy sure what to and not include.

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    Re: please help macbook stuck on OS X INSTALLER

    you might try some of the remedies you find at the following link:
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    Re: please help macbook stuck on OS X INSTALLER

    What are you trying to install--Lion or Mountain Lion? I'm guessing it's one of those since you say "OSX". And what OS was on it before?

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    Re: please help macbook stuck on OS X INSTALLER

    you were up all night fixing and then it wouldn't boot.... but please more info, what did you "fix" or try to fix that made the os not boot? were you installing ubuntu? seems like more to the story you are leaving out.

    edit: also what are system specs? hardware and operating system(s)?


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