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Thread: Error -110 :USB device using ehci_hcd not accepting address

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    Error -110 :USB device using ehci_hcd not accepting address


    I'm very very new to ubuntu. I have a history of 1 successful install (ubuntu 11.10) on an old machine where everything worked right out of the box. That was a happy time.

    Now I'm trying to get 11.10 working on my 'new' machine:

    Acer Aspire M3641 (91d1r77tcp)
    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.4GHz
    4GB DDR2 (2 x 2GB)
    640GB SATA-300
    GeForce 8600 GT (256MB DDR3)
    2x Firewire 400
    9x USB 2.0
    LAN 1Gbps
    D-Sub (VGA)

    the only things attached to the USB are a logitech wireless desktop (keyboard & mouse) and a USB Belkin Wi-Fi dongle, both work under liveCD & during install of ubuntu 11.10, connection to internet was flawless.

    To get to the install I had to change the bootoptions in grub (nomodeset, drmraid and something with acpi) or I would get stuck on a blank screen with blinking cursor.

    After fixing that I installed Ubuntu 11.10 on the formatted ext4 HD (I let the install do this for me) and everything went fine up until the first reboot...

    nothing happens, just a blank screen.

    After searching a bit I found my way to grub and edited the 'quiet splash' into 'nomodeset'.

    I get a little bit further, but it hangs during startup (initramfs) on the USB-ports, for every USB-port (9 in total) I get something like:
    "new high speed USB device number X using ehci_hcd"
    "device not accepting address X, error -110"

    it goes through all of them fairly quick, but hangs on the last one... left the computer on for 10 minutes on that screen and nothing happened.

    After searching for a solution some people suggested pulling the power cord and reconnecting it after 5 minutes, but this has no effect whatsoever for me (apart from the machine refusing to reboot at all after my 3rd attempt, but luckily it restarted a couple of tries later).

    I don't know if it's helpful but I'll attach the boot-info.

    Any help at all would be greatly appreciated,

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Error -110 :USB device using ehci_hcd not accepting address


    Had to change the option in the bios where it says: "Boot to OS: windows" to "others"
    And now everything works fine!

    Hope it's helpful to others as well

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    Re: Error -110 :USB device using ehci_hcd not accepting address

    My problem was that USB flash drive was mounted and unmounted in quick succession, and one of the messages in syslog was the above stated. This drove me crazy for a few days. Kaleidovision's idea made me search the Bios settings and in Integrated peripherals-> OnChipEHCI Controller I changed it from enabled to disabled. After that the USB mounted OK.


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