I'm looking for a home server to replace my old Dell Dimension. Going for a desktop, rather than headless version this time, so I'm thinking...
  • VESA Mountable
  • Fanless / Low Power / Quiet
  • HDMI
  • Small form factor
  • Diskless, with space for a laptop SATA hard drive
  • 10/100 Ethernet, wireless not needed
  • Plenty of USB Ports
  • Capable of HD video (Linux drivers can be tricky with some)
  • Capable of Apache, Java, Samba Fileserver, SqueezeCenter, Minecraft, Skype (2GB Memory min)
  • Card Reader would be nice

I was interested in the Aleutia T1, but they seem to have recently stopped doing it diskless (and as nice as SSD is, it's not going to do it for me in terms of storage to cash ratio).
Other contenders were the Trim Slice, FitPC, Rasp. Pi

Currenly drawn to the following Shuttle PCs:

.. although there does not seem to be much between them.