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Thread: Is WUBI worth it?

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    Re: Is WUBI worth it?

    Quote Originally Posted by monkeybrain2012 View Post
    Having "Ubuntu knowledge" doesn't follow you know how to do partition, I can't imagine any day to day use of Ubuntu desktop that would require knowledge of partitioning. On the other hand it is not difficult to learn (google and 5 minutes of reading) partitioning without prior knowledge of Ubuntu,

    BTW, live usb, installation in usb flash drives or external drives don't require partitioning. Installing with the "installing alongside" option also doesn't require the user to do partition manually.
    So you're saying that Ubuntu knowledge doesn't mean you know how to partition, but 5 minutes on google is enough to learn. While at the same time saying you don't need to partition to install Ubuntu, but it's the partitioning that makes the migration complex? Did I get everything?

    When I said:
    1. User with no Ubuntu knowledge and doesn't want to (or know how to) partition

    I did not say that the lack of Ubuntu knowledge implies the inability to partition. I said that a [Wubi] User may have no ubuntu knowledge, and might also not want to partition to find out about Ubuntu, or in fact might not be able to partition at all.

    And when I said:
    3. Is now able to partition

    I did not mean (nor is it reasonable to deduce that I meant) that somehow by way of using Ubuntu with Wubi they have magically come to understand how to partition.

    That's what is known as a straw man argument (or at least that's what 5 minutes of google gets you)

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    Re: Is WUBI worth it?

    @ monkeybrain2012 and bcbc, agree to disagree. Closed for now
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