Right now, as far as I'M concerned, both Wine and POL don't work. They're just GUIs that doesn't do anything.

As I'm not really an idiot (I think) I know that the former statement is untrue, but what really IS true, is that I have no idea what I'm doing, when it comes to emulating WIN-software through wine.

Oh well, now to the case.

I recently found my old copy of Jane's "688 Hunter/Killer" which is major nostalgia for me. I thought it would be a good idea to install on my Lubuntu-laptop, to play when school just gets a little to boring. Being burnt on Wine's promise to emulate windows before, I was a bit sceptical how installing this game would go about, but I tried anyhow.


That's what the installer told me. Yep, the installer started, and not being afraid of the "full installation" which requires a whole 95MB (which was, as you can remember, a big issue not many years ago), I was quite optimistic - right until the above message came along.

Now, to install, I made the virtual drive, and chose (what I would think is the case) the "setup.exe" file to execute the installer, and install the game. I did nothing more. Now I'm thinking, maybe one ought to use the ".ini"-file, the small script that tells the autolaunch where to look, or copy all the files from the cd over, or something like that.
This is where you guys come in - the guys who ALWAYS have the answer.

TL;DR - I'm installing a WIN95-game onto my Lubuntu-box - How to do this, using wine, playonlinux, etc....?

Thanks in advance,