This isn't exactly an Ubuntu-specific quesiton, but I figured the people here might be able to answer this... or at least confirm this glitch.

I've gotten used to using GNU Screen when SSHed into my server (Ubuntu 12.04LTS Server), so I can edit configuration files on the right half of the screen, and see server output on the left side, etc.

I also like the convenience of GNU Screen's "copy mode," i.e. Ctrl + "[", in order to copy and paste text.

However, I do a fair amount of my terminal-based text editing in Nano because it's simple and functional, but at least close to intuitive, unlike vi and its derivatives (I love unintuitive, efficiency-oriented, minimalist software, if I can find the time to learn how it works). Anyway, I'm not sure if this is the case with vi(m), but when I use screen's copy mode with nano open, I can't scroll up and down in the text file to copy text--so if I need to copy more than one screenful of text, I have to do it in more than one 'batch.' This is a bit inconvenient.

Therefore, this begs the question - is this just the way things are, or is there a workaround?