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Thread: Old Skype

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    Cool Old Skype

    I love having Ubuntu but sometimes is can be so complected...
    My Ubuntu automatically upgraded my Skype to 4.1 few month ago and this time I am not so happy about that... I want my old Skype back!
    I don't know exactly the number of the old version but the only thing i really remember from it (and miss) is the option to not see your own video (I don't know what about you but I keep staring at myself instead of in the person i'am talking with)

    So please: How do I do that?

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    Re: Old Skype

    You can probaably get your old Skype from ->here<-. Remove your new Skype and your Skype repository, and install your old one.

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    Re: Old Skype

    I stay with skype After install I lock version of skype in Synaptic or for apt-get run this echo "skype hold"| sudo dpkg --set-selections


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