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Thread: Directory public_html Apache2 access login

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    Directory public_html Apache2 access login

    Running 12.04 Ubuntu Server.

    I've been the last week trying to get working a local server with Apache2. Im using LDAP authentication and it's working OK, but I dont know how to do this:

    - LDAP users can access their own files and read / write / replace them at will.
    - Each user can't even read the contents of the other users files, or preferably even see they files exist.
    - All of them can be properly accessed by apache and php

    That's the biggest problem. I can't allow, for example, userldap1 to access /userldap2/public_html. With my actual config, every successful LDAP login can access to /*/public_html


    <Directory /home/disco2/*/public_html>
      AuthBasicProvider ldap
      AuthBasic basic
      AuthName "Authentication"
      AuthzLDAPAuthoritative off
      AuthLDAPURL ldap://myip/dc=prueba,dc=borja?uid?sub
      Require ldap-filter objectClass=posixAccount
    I've tried several configurations and permissions, but I can't achieve this.

    Could any help me? Im totally stuck on this.
    Sorry for my english.

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    Re: Directory public_html Apache2 access login

    The trick is to give only the www-data user that Apache runs as the right to read the files.

    First, you need to grant the www-data group access to the users' directories like this:

    cd /home
    sudo chgrp www-data *
    sudo chmod g+x *
    That grants members of the www-data group, which by default contains only the Apache user, the right to look into directories below /home/username. It cannot read those files, but it can list the directory's contents.

    Now we want to give the Apache user access to the users' public_html directories.

    cd /home
    sudo chgrp www-data */public_html
    sudo chmod g+x */public_html
    sudo chmod -R g+r */public_html/*
    That should do it. By default, any later files the user creates will have world-readable privileges, so they will be readable by the www-data user automatically. However even though the files are world-readable, because other users have no rights in /home/username, they will still not be able to see each others' files.
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    Re: Directory public_html Apache2 access login

    Thank you for answer.

    The problem persists. See:

    Authentication correct? Yes -> see dir userldap2.


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