I am currently running Kubuntu (I can't find out what version but it's beyond 11.10). I wish to uninstall Kubuntu so that I can temporarily install Windows to run some software that won't run on Linux (even using Wine).

My Toshiba Notebook NB100 does not have an internal CD drive but I have an external one which can be used to run the Windows disk. I have tried installing from the disk after modifying the boot device order in BIOS but it will not autorun and keeps default booting to Kubuntu.

Is there some way I can uninstall Kubuntu and then install Windows? I'd be happy to run Kubuntu and Windows from the same machine but I suspect I shall have memory/storage capacity problems.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


PS: I'm not technical enough to understand anything but step-by-step instructions with jargon explained