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Thread: What's cheapest way of mailing small (200g, 11x8x6inches) package from USA to Austria

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    Cheapest way of mailing small (200g, 11x8x6inches) package from US to Austria

    Dear U community,

    Can anyone confirm my findings? tells me that a 200-gram, 11-by-8-by-4-inch package from USA to Austria costs, at its cheapest, is $8.46 (First-Class Mail® International Parcel). Next one up is $16.95 for Priority Mail Small Rate Flat Bax. Next one up is Priority Mail Intl Medium Flat Rate box at $47.95.

    With Fedex, the cheapest option is FedEx Intl Economy $99.49.

    UPS's cheapest is $136.45 for UPS Worldwide Expedited.

    I can't believe Fedex and UPS prices are more expensive than USPS. I've always thought that Fedex and UPS could beat USPS's prices.

    If I'm doing something wrong, let me know.
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