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Thread: lubuntu booted once, crashed, won't boot again

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    Angry lubuntu booted once, crashed, won't boot again

    I just installed ubuntu from wubi and got it to boot the first time. However, it couldn't find my wireless network and immediately crashed when I clicked "system tools" (or was it "system preferences"?) I restarted with ubuntu and I got a black screen, which flashed twice as if it was about to load, but never did.

    I restarted again with windows 7 and uninstalled ubuntu, and installed lubuntu with wubi again (thinking I was just using too much memory with ubuntu or computer is sort of considered a "netbook.") Well, lubuntu booted up fine the first time it came up after installing it. But then, although it did recognize my wireless network, it said I needed to type in a password, even though my network doesn't require a password. Then, I went to "system tools" again in the start menu, and lubuntu crashed there too.

    What's going on? How can I fix it?

    I'm trying to dual boot with Windows 7 on an acer aspire one 722.

    Thanks for your help, in advance.

    EDIT: I fixed the wireless problem. It was my own fault.

    New problem: I fixed the blank screen by using nomodeset in the boot up screen. Now I'm trying to "install a graphics driver," which apparently was the problem? I don't know how to do this, though. I went to this forum:

    and followed the directions, but whenever I try to type in "sudo apt-get" anything, I get an error message.
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