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Thread: Launchpad can't build my package, EVEN THOUGH THERE'S NOTHING TO BUILD.

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    Unhappy Launchpad can't build my package, EVEN THOUGH THERE'S NOTHING TO BUILD.

    I was just trying to Debianize the game, Mari0 (it's a mash-up of SMB and Portal,) and I got it working, and I uploaded it to Launchpad. It then tried to "build" it (it runs from source, so all it has to do is say that it was built,) and succeeded making the i386 build, but, for some reason, it won't work with the AMD64 build. (NOTE: I could successfully use debuild to build both architectures, both as source, and as binaries.)

    I'm not quite sure why Launchpad's n00b computers can't mark files as "built" just because the computer is 64-bit, but I was wondering if there's any way to get this fixed.

    The game is fully architecture-independent, but, once debianized, it "requires" the version of Love (the framework it's built on) to be of matching architecture. This means that when you download the i386 build of Mari0, it says that it won't work because you need the i386 build of Love (which you don't.) I have successfully made an AMD64 .deb file, and installed it, too. Why the computers at Launchpad can't do it, I have no idea.
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