hi, i am quite new to linux but really enjoying the learning curve. i have built a fileserver running ubuntu server 12.04 and have started to play with KVM virtualization. due to this i have order a Gigabyte Motherboard GA-990FXA-UD3 (as well as cpu and ram) and have got my hands on a hp smart array p400 sas controller and four 72GB sas drives model DH072ABAA6 (got the sas controller and drives for nothing, yay!).

i was wondering if anybody has any experience with either the motherboard or the sas controller. the main one i am interested in is the controller as i have the PCIe card and the drives but nothing to connect them together. i have been looking on the net and am not sure what i need. do i just need a cable like this one that i found on ebay or am i missing something?
also the cable seems quite expensive so if anyone knows where to get one cheaper that would be good too assuming that it is what i need.

thanks for any information in advanced