I've just installed xubuntu 12.10 (actually Voyager 12.10) and it's very nice. Themes are great, it's snappy, and simple. But I notice that xfwm is lacking. It's supposed to be low on system resources, of course, but I want something a bit sharper so I installed compiz.

I'm fairly happy with the results except I cannot understand the bug I'm having.

I click the open program in the "open windows area" on the panel and it minimizes/unminimizes fine.

I click the minimize button on the titlebar and it minimizes, but won't unminimize without having to right click->unminimize. (i.e. I can't just click the open program on the panel to make it re-open)

What can I do? I like compiz with xfce a lot because it improves my video playback as well and really doesn't add much weight to my system.