Hi everyone,

I fixed my super old laptop with a new power jack an thought about how to get the most out of this ancient bit of equipment. Obviously my first thought was linux!

However, ubuntu 12.04 32-bit will just not run on this laptop. Windows 7 runs without a problem so I presumed ubuntu was sure to work!

Sony vaio VGN-FS415M
Intel pentium M 1.73GHz
Nvidia Geforce Go 6400

It's completely unusable, even after a proper install (not live CD). None of the buttons work on the OS, when you hover over the left navbar, the flyouts appear and stay there. Opening menu with windows key opens it, then it stays there, then becomes unresponsive. Power/wireless/volme controls at top right do nothing when pressed. 4" black squares appear on the desktop where the background image should be. I mean, total disaster!

Is there any reason why this laptop could run windows 7 (albeit slightly slowly) but not run ubuntu 12.04?

Running live CD is even more of a disaster, all appears ok, choose live CD, then black screen with mouse pointer, and that's it! Lol.

Maybe it's the graphics causing the problem, any input is most appreciated. Thanks.